1) Mental Toughness - How Champions are Built

CHAMPION ATHLETE, COACH, PARENT. It's time to build your Mental Toughness muscles.

ATHLETES: It's time to stop hiding and start growing. It's time to shift from timid to brave. It's time to start solving your problems. It's time to step up and let your light shine! PARENTS/COACHES: It's time to help your kids and athletes build the most important Mental Toughness muscle; courage. It's time to start understanding the important role you play in their growth. Where are you helping? Where are you hindering?

2) Boss of Your Thoughts

CHAMPION THINKER. It's time to supervise your thoughts.

It's time to start paying attention to the impact of your thoughts. You have up to 60,000 thoughts per day and that's a lot of thinking!! What are you doing with all those thoughts? Are they running around in your head, unsupervised, like small children on a playground? It's time to make your thoughts work for you, rather than against you.

3) Don't Blame the Lettuce

CHAMPION COACH. It's time to grow your athletes.

It's time to help your athletes grow into the best version of themselves. High performing coaches use self-awareness and emotional intelligence to pay attention to the power of their words and actions. They intentionally grow athletes who are ready to stand tall on the Podium of Life.

4) COMING SOON - Ignite the Leader Within

CHAMPION LEADER. It's time to light the spark.

There is a leader within, ready to ignite and it takes self-awareness and emotional intelligence to light the match. Once you shift to conscious competence, the world around you will never look the same. More importantly, your world within will be changed forever. Regardless of your vocation, you can be a leader at work, at play, at home, at sport. Your ability to build, manage, and sustain healthy relationships, including the relationship with yourself, is the secret sauce. Come along with me on a journey, a walk inside, to awaken your soul.

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